Without Additives


Our process is 100% natural. No additives are added.

We farm a unique high-quality variety of goldenberries which has an extraordinary color and sweetness. Our banana is grown in an Andean valley and has a spectacular taste and aroma. Mango is picked ripe in a hidden unspoiled valley and goes directly to the drying process.

Our products are organically certified.

We operate a HACCP certified modern plant and control all parameters of production: sourcing of fruit, drying process, packaging and forwarding process to port; allowing complete traceability.

AgroAndino works with a low temperature batch dehydration process which allows us to consistently maintain the natural quality and raw-food characteristics in our products.

Communication and reliability are fundamental ingredients of our quality standards. Our customers operate in markets far away. Trust is built by reliably supplying high quality products and communicating regularly.