100 % Natural

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Our dried fruits don´t contain sugar, sulfit or other additives.
They are RAW FOOD, technically speaking, the fresh fruit has not been heated above 45 degrees centigrade during the drying process.
The advantage is that the fruit maintains most of its nutritional value (Vitamin A, B, C, Calcium, Phosporus, Iron).

Dried fruits offer some advantages over fresh fruits: A longer shelf life and portability. They are a real source of energy, containing natural fructose and a strong, delicious flavor.
Dried fruits contain antioxidants and have many healthy and nutritional benefits for intellectual and physical work. Is therefore an ideal snack for students and athlets.

They can be eaten alone or used in the commercial production of jellies, syrups, muesli, energy bars, pastries, desserts, fruit tea, they are delicious with chocolate.